Cheat’s caramel

I know I’m behind on this one, I know Kylie did it on MasterChef two seasons ago, but I’ve finally got on board with the cheat’s way to make dolce de leche. It is so simple:

  1. Buy a can of sweetened condensed milk.
  2. Put the whole, unopened can in water in a saucepan.
  3. Boil for 2.5 hours with the saucepan lid on, topping up the water as needed.
  4. Cool in the can, open and enjoy.
  5. Try not to eat the whole can yourself.

I was dubious. I love sweetened condensed milk, so I was pretty sure the result would be yummy, but I doubted it would taste like dolce de leche. But it does! It really does!

So, using the dolce I made this dessert for a little dinner party I had a few weeks back. I’m rather proud of it. It was quite a big dessert but everyone finished theirs (me with a breather about two thirds of the way in!).

My chocolate brownie and dolce de leche dessert plate

My chocolate brownie and dolce de leche dessert plate

Basically it starts with a smear of the dolce mixed with some salt and extra cream to make it thinner. On top of that are chocolate brownie pieces, toasted almonds, dried figs, brandy snaps, more dollops of the dolce and some scoops of chai-spiced ice-cream. Yeah baby!

I was inspired by this dessert, which I had about a month ago, at Cumulus Inc.

Dessert at Cumulus Inc

Dessert at Cumulus Inc

You can’t really see it in the picture, but there were big blobs of dolce de leche under and around the brownie pieces. One thing I couldn’t replicate though, which I’d love to, is the aerated chocolate. It was like a high end Aero bar crumbled over the dessert. So good – it both popped and melted in your mouth!

Anyway, as for the dolce de leche, it’s so easy, just give
it a go…but not when you’re planning on a health kick!


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