I’m probably not qualified to answer that yet. I’m still working out what I want to do, who I want to be and what I want my Wikipedia entry to say when I die. Though I guess Wikipedia will be a thing of the past by then, kind of like a telex or a MySpace profile now. I do know I love writing and I also love living in North Melbourne. My partner and I rent a great little apartment in North Melbourne. I can walk into work, walk to the gym and walk to some of Melbourne’s best brunch places on a Sunday morning. There’s an organic vegan bakery, a few small but lovely parks, houses with period features and some very ex-y clothes shops. But people still catch the tram rather than clogging up the streets in black BWM 4WDs and they still have their rough-as rescue dogs on the ends of leashes, rather than their precious hyperactive children on the ends of those leashes. The suburb is young and trendy but not too polished. It is foodie heaven and it is waaaaaay cooler than me.

So a love of the place I live in and a desire to share my tips, finds and old favourites with the world is I guess why I’m writing this. My partner describes me as a “truffle pig”. Before you get indignant on my part, this is actually meant as a compliment. And I think it suits me well. Plus I love pigs. They are very intelligent creatures and I think they may be the next internet sensation after the current craze for felines like Grumpy Cat passes.

Like a truffle hunting pig, I sniff out the good things in life. I like the best, I’m naturally attracted to it – in people, food, clothes, in everything really. I also, unfortunately, tend to like expensive things. Not bling-y logo covered things, but those surprisingly-expensive-but-totally-wonderful things. For instance, my partner loves that I can sniff out a great new restaurant with brilliant service from the multitude of restaurants opening in Melbourne, but is less than impressed by entrées starting at $30. Or, when we decide we need a new dining table – everything at Freedom makes me depressed, and instead I fall for the $6000 handmade table and benches at Brown Dog furniture, a small and totally gorgeous little place in my neighbourhood.  Until a few years ago, however, I was a full time student, meaning I’m also pretty good at rooting out the bargains, the undervalued and the surprisingly cheap but chic elements of Melbourne. In fact, it’s the steals that I’m most proud of, like super cheap market gozleme that you have to elbow grannies out of the way to get, a perfect condition Saba silk top for $35 from Memoirs (before it closed), or an amazing cheesecake from Dolcetti for under $4.

I’m also writing this blog because I’m one of those people who always needs to have projects. I’ve recently quit my job as a commercial lawyer. Some bits I loved, like helping my pro bono clients and having someone else do my photocopying, but there was a lot of document review, redacting and lonely hours staring at a computer screen eating ordered-in Chinese food. There’s a lot of pressure, there’s OCD that is off the chart and the severe lack of vitamin D to contend with. To be honest, I’m struggling a lot with my career at the moment, or, to use the cliché, with finding my true calling (if such a thing exists). In the meantime, I need something in my life to help keep me sane and maintain some balance. My partner is pretty amazing at doing that, but a girl can’t always lean on someone else. I need multiple avenues. I need stimulation, creation, inspiration and hope right now. I need quiet, just me and a page on a screen. I need to share and, of course, I need your feedback. It’s how I’ll get better, at writing, at life, at just being me…whoever that is.


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